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Ever wish you could easily find an online course, a good book, that cute shirt that one girl was wearing at the last event?

We gotchu girl. Our Marketplace has some of our favorite toolkits, books, swag and more, all curated to help you level up your business, brand, and boss-self.
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Goal Setting

A yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goal setting planner plus journal to stay motivated and on track.

5 Minute

Start your day with 5 minutes of gratitude for a happier you.
Daily, weekly & monthly gratitude practices.

5 Minute Mindfulness

Daily mindfulness writing prompts, mindfulness practices, gratitude prompts and intentions for a peaceful and present life.

Meant For More;
Igniting Your Purpose in a World That Tries to Dim Your Light

Written by Business & Bubbly Founder,
Charity Majors

Social Media Posts - Canva

12 Posts & 12 Stories.
Instant Download Canva Template, added right to your Canva account.
100% customizable.


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CUSTOMIZE: Customize text, fonts, colors, elements to match your branding.

Create a Profitable Course

Get instant access to this 4-lesson online workshop, 23-page workbook plus 3 BONUS training videos.

Been thinking about creating your own online course but don’t know where in the world (wide web) to start?

During this 4-lesson online Workshop, Charity Majors is going to walk you, in detail, through how to create a quality course that sells.

From picking a topic to creating valuable lessons, this course will teach you how to craft a transformative online course so it’s highly desirable, highly memorable and highly-likely to gain you repeat clients, referrals and more business over the long term.

Turn Your Unique Passions and Talents Into a High-Quality Online Course People Love!

Social Media Bootcamp

Learn the Secrets Successful Social Media Marketers Use to Grow Massive, Engaged Followings Online with this Instant Access Online Course.

Social Media Bootcamp will teach you how to:

Go where your ideal clients already are–and build thriving communities without burning out or spreading yourself too thin.

Plan, schedule and share content with ease and efficiency (no more late nights or last-minute “What do I post?” freak outs)

Engage your audience–keep up with comments, cultivate genuine conversations and relationships and create a rock-solid K, L, T factor.

Get instant access today!

Business & Bubbly Shirts

"But first, bubbly..."
"you've got this..."

Grab a custom Business & Bubbly 
t-shirt today! Colors, styles and sizes are customizable.
Once ordered, it will be shipped directly to you within a few days.

Pair with a cute blazer, jeans & heels and you'll be good to go at any Business & Bubbly (or any other) event!
We DARE you to be a part of what's going on with Business & Bubbly...
-We believe that as women, together, we can show the world what’s possible.

-We believed that collaboration reigns supreme over competition, any day.

-We believe that a network is one of the most valuable things on the planet and no matter what ideas, businesses or brands come and go, that #Squad is what will be there through it all.

-We believe in a world that says we can have it all, that we actually want the right things and not #allthethings.

-We believe that business and life shouldn’t be done alone.

-We believe it’s not about what you know, but who you know.

-We believe you don’t need to find your voice…you already have one and just need to be empowered to use it.

-We are obsessed with creating platforms that empower women to be seen, heard, known, highlighted and connected…and this is one of ‘em.


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